Futurist's Pick Of The Month: Futures of Work 2050


What will the future of work look like in 2050? We all know that the technological advances will change the nature of work, and by so doing the very social structures of societies. The question is not so much about when will this happen or how radical will the changes be, but how well can we anticipate both the incremental and more rapid consequences of this transformation.

The brilliant team at the Millennium Project, led by Jerome C. Glenn, has studied and come up with extensive and highly detailed “Work/Technology 2050” scenarios.

These scenarios represent the best understanding the Millennium Project, an international think tank comprised of the leading futurists, has at the moment. Over 500 experts from 60 countries were engaged in constructing and assessing them.

We take a deep dive into each scenario: which factor will play the most important role? and what are the likely outcomes of it?

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