New radar: Trends Affected by the US Elections

Explore how the outcome of the elections will affect the future development of trends from a holistic perspective.

In light of the recent elections in the United States, our futurists have updated several phenomena on our content database to reflect the future implications of the outcome of the elections. The impacts of the results of the elections will be far-reaching; potentially transforming future operational landscapes in various fields ranging from politics and policies to global economy, market regulations, society and climate change. These comprehensive updates will help you make sense of the key anticipated shifts early on and inform your strategic plans.


Our team of futurists have created a new radar "Trends Affected by the US Elections" to collect the trends affected by the outcome of the elections into one future view. You can now access the radar and start customising it to your needs. Click the "Create a new radar" button on the Radars page or on the Groups-section on the Lounge to open the radar creation wizard. In Step 1. of the wizard select "Prefilled" option from the "Prefilled content" dropdown menu. In step 2 type in "Elections" into the search bar and select the "Trends Affected by the US Elections" radar. Open the radar, and start customising it to your needs!

If you do not have capacity to open new radars within your license, you can contact the Futures Platform team to purchase additional radars or to upgrade your plan (just let us know via email at, or open the "Trends Affected by the US Elections" radar from the Publicly Available Radars. You can find the Publicly Available Radars below your own radars on the Radars and Lounge page. Please note, that Publicly Available Radars are view-only radars. If you want to start customising the radar to your needs, you must open a new radar through the radar creation wizard.


The collaboration features in Futures Platform's foresight radars enable you and your team to start assessing the possible implications of the elections for your organisation. Enable teamwork by inviting your colleagues to the radar. Use the voting tool to prioritise the trends together. Organise a round, or multiple rounds, of rating to assess them. Collect thoughts on the opportunities, threats and actions you could take with the commenting feature. You can share the radar with your organisation by giving them visitor access with a link or by exporting the radar, which will export the phenomena, the radar and the collaboration results into PowerPoint format.

Log in to Futures Platform to explore the updated phenomena and to start the work with the new "Trends Affected by the US Elections" radar. If you have any questions, please contact us at