Foresight Radars

Working with futures with digital tools makes horizon scanning and scenario building work significantly more manageable. Futures Platform’s digital foresight solution brings structure to foresight work by visualising future projections in 360-degree radar views.

The Futures Platform radar functionalities allow for trends to be grouped, categorised and placed in a meaningful manner. This way, radars can be customised to fit different purposes. For instance, users can choose to build radars with time ranges, e.g. 10, 50 or 100 years into the future, group them thematically according to social, economic, technological or environmental changes; or combine any given variables. See here some examples of what radars can be used for.

Grouping and visualising futures phenomena in a 360-degree view is a great way to explore the links between different futures changes and phenomena in a contextual environment. Futures Platform's foresight radars are completely customisable which allows you to use them as you need. See here instructions on how to edit radars in our user manual.

Example radar: The Future of Construction & Urbanisation

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